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  • Guidance From FBD Insurance for Sheds

    FBD Insurance has been in touch with the following information for Sheds:

    • There are no plans for prices increases on the Men’s Sheds policies for the coming year.
    • FBD is conscious that Sheds have been unable to operate to the same extend during the Covid 19 Pandemic. FBD would encourage all sheds who are or have previously been temporarily closed as a response to COVID-19 to get in contact with their local FBD branch. Cover can be suspended for the period of closure and a refund offered for the relevant portion of premium relating to closure. Once sheds have contacted FBD regarding the closure they will be required to contact the branches again when they reopen and are again operational. The refund will be processed at this stage. Alternatively if the sheds mention their closure to their local FBD branch at renewal time the rebate can be calculated then and they can put the credit against the cost of the renewal.
    • FBD has already had approx. 170 sheds contact them to date and would encourage others to do likewise.
    • FBD are also committed to offering flexibility to any sheds experiencing financial challenges, particularly those paying by direct debit. If any shed finds themselves in this position they should again contact their local FBD branch. FBD is committed to helping its customers through this difficult time.
    • FBD is aware that some sheds have asked if they should lapse their policy while they are closed due to Covid-19. FBD would not recommend this course of action as there are still some Public Liability claim scenarios that can arise even while the shed is temporarily closed. Instead FBD would recommend suspending your policy as you will be issued a pro rata rebate for the period of closure.