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    Sheds for Life is a 10–week men’s health programme that delivers a number of wellbeing as well as life skills sessions. There are four core components to the programme and several supplementary components.

    What does the shed commit to?

    Sheds commit to participating in the core components of a health check, physical activity, healthy eating & cooking as well as a mental health and wellbeing workshop. The men from the shed collectively choose a minimum of two further supplementary components outlined below to participate in.

    How is the programme spread over the 10 weeks?

    Sheds are asked to choose one day a week to receive the programme for which that day does not impact on other shed related activities or schedules.

    How many men are required to participate in the programme?

    A minimum of 14 and a maximum of 25.

    Can you link with another neighbouring shed if you do not have enough numbers to participate?

    Yes, providing the two or potentially three sheds can agree collectively on what components to participate in and the men from the sheds are willing to travel to the one location for the programme activities.

    Where is the programme delivered?

    The programme components are delivered in your shed where possible. Men’s Sheds have linked with their local community centre or family recourse centre for use of a sports hall, meeting room or kitchen facility where their shed did not have the adequate space or conditions. The IMSA will assist you in verifying whether an alternative space is required. Where at all possible the favourable option is to run the majority of the programme in the shed.

    Do we need kitchen facilities for the Healthy Food Made Easy programme component?

    If a shed has a kitchen, this is ideal or access to kitchen facilities in a local community centre. If not, the tutors will bring a portable oven and hob as well as some cooking utensils for use. A sink with access to drinking water is essential. Healthy Food Made Easy is a mixture of practical information and cookery sessions, including learning how to shop on a budget, read food labels and cook simple and delicious meals.

    Do we need WiFi in our shed to opt for the ‘Getting online’ computer training?

    The IMSA will provide a broadband router to your shed for the duration of the training programme and use of tablet devices. A maximum of 10 men can be accommodated in one training session at a time.

    Is there a cost associated with a shed participating in Sheds for Life?

    There is no cost associated with the delivery of the Sheds for Life programme. However, the individual sheds as well as the individual men who sign up are asked to fully commit to participating in the programme and attend as many components as possible to justify the time and resources invested in the delivery of the programme by the IMSA and the partner organisations.

    What are the core programme components?

    Programme Component Description Duration Provider
    Mini health check

    Blood pressure check

    Pulse check

    Weight measurement:  includes Waist Measurement and Body Mass Index

    20 minutes once off health check with a nurse delivered in a mobile health unit
    Healthy Food Made EasyBasic nutrition & cookery course provided by the HSE2.5 hour workshops for 6 weeks

     Sheds choose one of the two following fitness programmes:  

    Exercise for Shedders


    Maintain & improve posture, strength, flexibility, balance & general physical capabilities1 hour exercise class for 10 weeks

    Sheds ag SiúlWalking for fitness programme aimed at all ability levels1.5 hours every second week across the 10 week programme

    Mental Health & Wellbeing in the CommunityEquips participants with the knowledge and understanding necessary to foster and enhance mental health and wellbeing.4 hour workshop (Available in 2 x 2 hour session format)


    What are the supplementary programme components?

    Programme Component Description Duration Provider
    Diabetes: Living Well, Being Well WorkshopCovers how to prevent and manage diabetes1.5 hours
    ‘Hands for Life’ CPR TrainingCPR basics1 hour
    Oral HealthProvides an understanding of the connection between your mouth & body and importance of maintaining oral health.1 hour
    Cancer AwarenessInteractive workshop to reduce your risk of male-related cancer1 hour

    safeTALKInteractive workshop to prepare you to identify people with thoughts of suicide & connect them to suicide first aid resources.3.5 hours
    Getting Online Computer TrainingA complete beginners course to getting you online. Viewing websites, sending & receiving email5 x 2 hour sessions
    Dementia AwarenessA workshop to increase awareness and understanding of dementia2 hours

    Alzheimer’s Society of Ireland & Dementia: Understand Together