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    I think the bottom line is when people get together like they have in this  programme and start supporting each other, we feel better in ourselves,  mentally we feel better, and physically we feel better. Then we don’t have to go to our GPs and hospitals we can come here so we are saving money there. That’s the bottom line the way I look at it

    Men’s Shed Member

    The programme is helping men to trust their own experience and their expertise. Helping men to trust themselves to help one another.

    Men’s Shed Member

    We were always doing things and building things for different people and this and that but this (Sheds for Life) gave us a chance to invest in ourselves for a change and it was a nice break and put a bit of life back into us and the shed.

    Men’s Shed Member

    As a group of men, we don’t even talk about these things. But we came to that meeting for the suicide prevention and everyone had their own say. And everyone was touched by it because it affected nearly everyone that was in the room one way or another. I was blown away by it. It was just lovely. It’s great. It’s great to talk as the fellas say you know?

    Men’s Shed Member

    It [Sheds for Life] brought us close together and interacting together and we became more outgoing about speaking in a group because of our group sessions. And that interaction and that facility to share our thoughts is better and makes life better.

    Men’s Shed Member