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    The Charitable Donation Scheme, or Tax Back Giving, allows the IMSA to claim a tax refund of up to 45% on donations of €250 or more in any given year.

    If you made a once off donation of €500, the rebate is worth €225 to the IMSA – totalling €725. Or if you made a donation of €20 each month for a year (€240), that is worth a total of €348.

    You can download the Tax Back Form by clicking here.

    If you’d like to find out more on tax back giving, contact James at james@menssheds.ie or call 01 891 6150

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know how much I donated?

    You can contact the IMSA team who will be happy to check our records for this. If you would like to know how much you donated, please contact the team on 01-891 6150.


    What donations are eligible?

    If you have donated €250 or more, you can help your chosen charity even more as your donations qualify for a tax rebate. The charity that you donate can increase the value of your donation by 45% in Ireland at no extra cost to you.


    Will IMSA receiving a tax rebate affect the tax I pay?

    The tax rebate that the IMSA receive as a result of your donation does not affect your tax status or how much you pay in tax. The tax rebate is at no cost to you.

    I’m not a taxpayer, but my spouse is – Can I still help the IMSA claim tax relief on donations?

    If you’re jointly assessed, then yes.


    If you’re not employed at the moment or you are receiving a pension

    If you currently have a pension or have other income that you pay tax on then it is eligible for tax relief.


    My company donated to the IMSA, can we help the IMSA claim tax relief on the donations?

    If your company made a corporate donation, then they can claim a deduction as if it were a trading expense.