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    Can your company help support the Men’s Sheds movement in Ireland?

    In less than ten years, the Irish Men’s Sheds Association has overseen the growth of a nationwide men’s sheds network which extends to over 457 sheds across the whole of Ireland. This explosive growth highlights the unmet need that the men’s sheds phenomenon has identified and addressed. Men’s sheds now connect over 12,000 men on a daily basis that healthcare providers, educators and other programmes often struggle to reach.

    But quite often, we need the help of generous companies to continue to reach, support and help members. We work with partners across a range of health, wellness and other services that are used to support the sheds and keep their doors open.

    We recognise that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes have evolved over the past number of years and as a designated Champion of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, we in the IMSA love working with partners who share our values and are committed to improving the lives of all people in the local community.

    With your help, we can continue to grow the Irish men’s sheds movement and put you at  the heart of over 450 Irish communities working for a better Ireland.

    Why help the sheds?


    Your partnership with the IMSA can help reduce isolation, increase inclusiveness and improve the health of men throughout Ireland.

    By working together with the IMSA, you can help improve the lives of men, their families and communities.

    IMSA runs health and wellbeing programmes, as well as a volunteer network to help and improve the quality of life experience by ageing men. With your help, we can continue to reach men who would otherwise be sitting at home, and in most cases, sitting alone.

    How you can help


    There are many ways in which you can help sheds in Ireland. By choosing the IMSA as your Charity Partner you can help continue to improve the lives of men and develop the Men’s Sheds movement in Ireland. You can support the Men’s Shed movement by working with your local shed, donating to the Association or having your own way of contributing, whatever way you decide to help, we’re here to talk with you.

    If you would like to partner up to help the sheds, please contact James at james@menssheds.ie or call 01 891 6150.

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