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  • Mental Wellbeing Course Specifically Designed For Shedders To Start Next Week

    In these worrying and stressful times, the Irish Men’s Shed Association is delighted to offer six-week Mental Wellbeing course designed specifically for Shedders that will cover techniques to increase your happiness and overall wellbeing in life. The course has been designed by and will be facilitated by Chartered Psychologist Pól Bond and starts on Wednesday 13 January from 7pm to 7.45pm.  

    We have had incredible feedback for the last Mental Health and Resilience Workshop run by Pól for the IMSA during October – November 2020When times are difficult, many have found that being in a sympathetic and understanding group can bring great benefits. Said one attendee: l found the willingness of individuals to share their life’s stories extraordinarily supportive, particularly at a time that was difficult for me following the death of my brother.  

    He continues: ‘Following the death l felt quite alone, until l heard other people’s stories and realised l wasn’t the only person who was dealing with a personal issue and, as the course progressed, a sense of security and intimacy grew to such a level that one felt comfortable talking about it and making the pain somehow less painful. Pol had the wonderful ability of keeping the reality of life in place as we were gently encouraged to risk sharing with his very sensitively thought out questioning and allowing us to talk. Overall, it was an excellent experience.’’. 

    In addition to group work, Pól offers practical advice that can be applied in everyday life. Another Shedder told us that ‘Pól was excellent in his presentation and discussion for each session. From a personal point I got great insight into the whole approach to better mental health and resilience and have put into practice a lot of what Pól suggested. 

    The course is designed to be accessible to those new to any kind of mental wellbeing or psychological courses. As another attendee points out: I have never done any type of mental wellness activity before this as I never fully understood it, but due to a host of work and family issues some relating to Covid this year prompted me to try and see what it was all about. I can only say it was the best decision I have made in a long time well worth engaging with and participating in’. 

    All are welcome to attend – if you would like to take part, please email lianne@menssheds.ie