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  • Men’s Sheds and Positive Mental Health.

    Following a recent visit to Kerry, the Irish Men’s Sheds Association asked Dan O’Connor of the Kerry Mental Health Association to say a few words about why Men’s Sheds can be good for men’s mental health. The following was his response:

    Dan O Connor, Development Manager KMHA

    “Men’s Sheds provide an ideal environment for the promoting and fostering of positive mental health leading to an improvement in one’s overall health and wellbeing.  This can be done through the provision of mental health information leaflets and literature within the shed itself or through talks on the topic delivered by guest speakers.  More importantly, the shed provides an opportunity for men to socially interact and integrate with other men, encourage conversation and share problems, learn and develop new skills, enhance self esteem and be occupied.  These are key factors which contribute to positive mental health leading to a greater level of overall health and wellbeing.” (Dan O’Connor, 2012)

    You can visit the Kerry Mental Health Association’s Website by clicking here.