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  • Men’s Health Week Monday 10th June to Sunday 16th June

    Hi Shedders,

    Today marks the start of Men’s Health Week in Ireland. The objective of the week is to raise awareness of men’s health issues and to galvanise some of us into some action which will make our lives longer, happier and healthier.  The theme of this years Men’s Health Week is ‘Action Men – Turning Words into Action’.

    This is an ideal time to review your own health and make ONE resolution on how you might improve it on an on going basis. One of the easiest and simplest things to do is to have a daily walk of 30 minutes. Each day include an EXTRA WALK in your schedule.  All you have to do is to set off walking for 15 minutes and wherever you end up turn around and walk back. It doesn’t matter if you are slower on your return trip  . . . or you can do two shorter walks each day that make up the same 30 minutes. Make sure where you are walking is safe and that you have the right gear on you and ideally  . . . walk with a friend or arrange to go with your fellow Shedders.

    You might choose, as part of the Men’s Health Week programme to go and have that check-up with the doc you have been putting off , or you might decide to stop smoking, again! . . . no problem, it might work this time. An equally good idea would be to visit a friend you haven’t seen for some time or bring him down to your Shed to meet the other Shedders, it could open up a whole new life for him too. The main thing is to encourage Wellbeing in your own life, and others, as often as possible. If you have any simple Wellbeing suggestions why not post them on the Men’s Sheds site  . . . enjoy the week and keep healthy. If you would like more information and suggestions on Men’s Health Week go to www.mhfi.org where they have posters you can put up in your Shed.