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  • Invite to All Men’s Sheds to take part in SOAP BOX RACE

    Millstreet Men’s Shed and Millstreet Development Group invite to all Men’s Sheds to take part in SOAP BOX RACE

    Milstreet Soap Box Race

    On the 7th of July a Soap Box Race will take place in Millsteet Co. Cork and you Shed is invited to enter a home (Shed) made cart.

    All inquiries to Bertie at 087 6793841 or Nicola 087 901 9001


    • Scrutiny will take place on the day of the race. All carts will have passed the examination to enter the race.
    • Insp
    • ection focuses on the soapbox weight, braking system and drivers clothes. These rules are non-negotiable and are for everyone safety.
    • Each team should have four members, all drivers must wear recognised BSA approved helmets. No skin to shown at any time. Gloves, kneepads and elbow pads will also be required to race.
    • Cart drivers must be over 12 years old, one member of the team must be over 18.
    • Application forms must be completed, there is a registration fee of 25 Euro

    Cart Specification

    • The cart must not exceed 110kg.
    • If your cart exceeds 110kg it will not qualify for the main title.
    • Cart width must not exceed 1.5m.
    • Chassis clearance must be no higher than 30 cm from the ground.
    • Wheelbase between axles should not exceed 60 cm.
    • Wheel diameter should not exceed 60 cm.
    • Carts should not have any mechanical parts.
    • The carts must have a rigid steering system (no ropes or chains).
    • Must have braking system on two backs wheels.
    • Design must not allow any sharp metal object and must have a solid floor.
    • Soapbox design must have easy accessibility for entry and disembarkation of cart ensuring a quick and hassle free exit in case of emergency.
    • Soapboxes may have a sound system if desired.