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  • Limerick Sheds Network Meeting

    Limerick Sheds Network Meeting

    From a shedder in Limerick:

    “It was quite extraordinary to see so many at the Limerick Sheds Network meeting. After the isolation and uncertainties of the Covid years, this meeting could go a long way to revitalise and stimulate activity in Limerick Sheds. Congratulations to all involved for organising a worthwhile gathering like this.

    All the presentations were informative and motivating. The feedback from each shed was a good idea and very enlightening. Most of us realise how vulnerable a Men’s Shed can be and that our long-term sustainability is dependent on a national organisation like the IMSA. We are beginning to also realise that the IMSA is a small organisation that needs greater support from what is now a considerable membership. The IMSA is fighting well above its weight and has established a national recognition and goodwill for Men’s Sheds. The impending proposals are well considered and would be well worth fighting for.”

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