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  • Armagh Men ‘shed’ pounds and embrace well-being

    Members of Armagh Men’s Shed have celebrated the positive physical and mental impacts of an innovative health and well-being programme.

    The Tools for Living course, which took place over 12 weeks, saw the men take part in a range of activities, workshops and regular walks to help improve their health.

    The results from the Health Programme which was held in partnership between ABC Council, Southern Health and Social Care Trust, Health Habits, Armagh Mens Shed and Irish Men’s Shed Association – have been truly life-changing.

    The men were given health checks before and after the programme to assess any potential health benefits. Results showed the men weighed in 23.8kg (52lbs) lighter at the end of the course with an improvement in their overall cholesterol and blood pressure readings.

    And there have been many positive effects on lifestyle and attitude, which was evident in the feedback from the men themselves:

    · 87% of participants are more motivated to participate in exercise now compared to the beginning of the programme.

    · 100% of participants intend to maintain or increase levels of physical activity in the next 3-6 months.

    · 27% of participants said others in their household/family became involved in health and lifestyle changes as a result of their participation on this programme.

    · 100% of participants believe this programme has been a worthwhile and positive experience.

    Stephen McCleary who is the administrator for Armagh Men’s Shed said: “This is a real celebration of the 12 -week health programme which we undertook that covers every aspect of men’s health, and they were given a full MOT regarding their bloods by Kim Tait from Health Habits.

    “There were weekly exercises and weekly talks on all aspects of healthy eating, physical activity, as well as their own mental health. And the best thing about this, was that they were doing it collectively and encouraging each other every week, which was the big selling point for the programme as well.”

    Dessie McElroy, a member of Armagh Men’s Shed echoed these sentiments, saying: “The whole programme was so enjoyable, we all got something out of it, the collectiveness and doing things together was great.”

    Rebecca McLaughlin, Health & Well Being Manager, Irish Men’s Sheds Association said Congratulations to every Shedder in Armagh on taking part and Thanks to our collaborative partners. As the first pilot in the North exploring the adaptation of the innovative ‘Sheds for Life’ Health & Well Being programme model (designed ‘by Men for Men’), its success illustrates demand and establishes a firm foundation for us to expand the ‘Sheds for Life’ programme to increased numbers of Sheds across the Island of Ireland’