As part of its Sheds for Life initiative, the Irish Men’s Sheds Association launched its men’s health website on July 20th 2017.

For more on the launch event in City Hall, see here.

MHPromo3 aims to set men of all ages and backgrounds on the road to better health by providing them with a wide range of health information and resources from over 40 leading health organisations. offers key health information for men in a practical, relatable form. The website is designed to be user-friendly for men of all ages, and its interface is based on the familiar shape of a typical car, as a direct comparison to the male body.

Users first enter their age category, and can then browse by body part for ailments and conditions that might affect them. Users are then directed to relevant health information from a leading health organisation in the field they have selected. Over 40 such nationwide health organisations are signposted on the site, ranging from the Health Service Executive itself to bodies which deal with specific health topics such as diabetes, joint health and testicular cancer.

The links, resources and information on place a strong emphasis on prevention and keeping fit and healthy in body and mind.

For more information, please contact IMSA Health & Wellbeing Coordinator Edel Byrne at or (01) 891 6150.

For a comprehensive guide to using this website, please click here: http://menssheds.iewp-content/uploads/2017/06/Spanner-in-the-Works-Website-User-Guide-2.pdf