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  • Wicklow Men’s Shed secures two CE Scheme Workers

    Wicklow Men’s Shed was established in January 2012 and began its operations at the Wicklow Pigeon Club premises in September of that year. The aims and objectives are to provide a space for the social inclusion of men who are isolated from the company of other men due to unemployment, under-employment, retirement, distance, disability or ill-health.  The age range of our members is from 21 – late 70’s.

    Thanks to the hard work of our committee and members, we now have a dedicated workshop space with workbenches and tools, as well as a training room, where the men have undertaken several training courses facilitated by the VEC.

    Wicklow Men’s Shed has been run on an entirely voluntary basis, but as membership is growing, we felt that we needed the additional support services of a Community Worker who would assist our Shed and members, particularly in the following areas:

    *Greeting new members and helping them to interact and settle in

    *Listening to the concerns of members and addressing any needs which arise

    *Maintaining a harmonious working environment and helping to assist any difficulties which might arise

    *Planning programmes with the members which will be of benefit to their health, mental health and wellbeing, as well as their addressing their physical, intellectual and social needs

    *Public awareness – reaching out to the community, informing them of the facilities of the Men’s Shed

    *Supervision, safety, care and maintenance of the building and equipment.

    *Attendance at occasional national Men’s Shed Conferences and information events.

    For this reason, we applied for the services of the CE Scheme, and are delighted to announce that we have successfully been awarded 2 CE workers, to cover the hours 9.30am-1.30pm and 1.30pm-5.30pm, Monday – Friday.