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  • What goes on in a Men’s Shed

    Ireland’s first shed started in 2009 in Tipperary, inspired by the men’s shed movement in Australia. The Irish Men’s Sheds Association was formed in 2011 and the shed movement has grown steadily ever since, with over 450 sheds now registered with the Association and at least 12,000 men visiting a shed every week. Following the formation of the Irish Men’s Sheds Association in 2011, the movement began to receive national recognition of their value to Irish society. In 2013, the Irish Men’s Sheds movement received recognition at the very highest level when President Michael D. Higgins became patron to the Irish Men’s Sheds Association. The Association has also received governmental and European recognition of their contribution to Ireland. In 2018, the Association received the European Citizen’s Award after being nominated by Irish MEPs. The organisation was named as one of the twelve Sustainable Development Goals Champions by the Irish Government for 2019/2020. To find your nearest shed, visit our shed map HERE