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  • Watch back: Beekeeping for Shedders

    We had a brilliant Shedcast on Wednesday March 24 with Caroline McDonald, Education Officer with the Irish Beekeepers Association. Caroline is an absolute mine of information on all things apian and she discussed topics for beginners such as different types of bees, the cost of a hive and how to populate it to more advanced issues such as the structure of a hive, dealing with varroa mites and insurance. Caroline also took a range of questions from Shedders.

    If you have even a passing interest in beekeeping you don’t want to miss this. As Caroline says, ‘for every third bit of food you take, thank a bee or other pollinator’. Bees are an integral part of our ecological system and this talk may just inspire you or your shed to establish your own apiary – which will benefit all of us.

    Check out the Irish Beekeepers Association website here.