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    Eric Grinda of the  Australian Men’s Shed Association sent us this piece about a documentary he is hoping to make soon.

    launching a project on the Kickstarter platform to raise funds to make a documentary film called « Tools for life ». The film is a unique focus on an Australian concept – the mens shed. There are 800 of these centres in Australia providing access to activities for those who are reaching retirement age.


    In fact, the mens’ sheds concept could be exported to provide inspiration for retirees in many countries with aging populations.  The mens’ sheds are a positive and enriching environment by providing activity and comradeship which can be a great remedy to many health conditions.


    So we would be greatly appreciative of your support in the making of this film.  You will see on the Kickstarter page that every single donation will receive a reward.


    Thank you for your consideration.

    Here is the link –  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1629616932/tools-for-life






    Eric Grinda for the « Tools for Life » project  (deadline: the 22nd of Novembre 2014)