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  • Theme for Men’s Health Week 2015

    The all-island Men’s Health Week (MHW) Planning Group for 2014 felt that two things would be useful when looking forward to MHW 2015: (1) agree the overall theme for the week before the start of the year – to give everyone plenty of time to prepare their activities / programme for it; (2) request as many suggestions as possible for potential themes, and give a diverse group of people the chance to debate these and decide which one would be most useful for the coming year.  In pursuit of these aims, you are invited to submit any suggestions that you might have before Tuesday 28th October 2014.  The only restriction upon what the theme might be is that it should be relevant to a broad range of men and boys, as well as to other interest groups.  You are also invited to contribute to a face-to-face all-island meeting which will decide the overall theme for MHW 2015 in Ireland.  This meeting will take place on Monday 3rd November 2015, at 11.00am, in Dundalk, Co. Louth. 

    Your help would be greatly appreciated with either / both of these tasks.  For more details, contact Colin Fowler from the Men’s Health Forum in Ireland (MHFI) by emailing: colin@mhfi.org

    Thanks to The Men’s Health Forum in Ireland for this article.