• Charity No. 19928 Phone No. 0818 900 800

  • The Irish Men’s Shed Association seeks a panel of volunteer “Shed Advocates” nationwide.

    The Irish Men’s Shed Association (IMSA) has been given a mandate by its member sheds to represent and support its continued growth and success.

    We are inundated with requests for support and information and are committed to ensuring that we do our best to respond to these. However, with very limited resources this is sometimes difficult to honour.

    In response to this and being true to our commitment to ensure that the organisation remains grassroots focused, we formed a “Shed Advocates Panel” back in 2012.

    This is now being updated and we are issuing a renewed call for interested candidates and also a requirement of existing Advocates to reapply.  Please complete the application form below and return to info@menssheds.ie no later than 12noon on Friday 9 May 2014.

    To download the application form,  please click here.