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  • The first Shed in Sweden: Shed in Malmö – can we help?

    It has taken about 2 years, but the gents in Malmö, Sweden, have finally found a location right to start a Shed. It’s a semi-basement of about 110 square meters that has long been used by a sail maker. He has moved on; we want to move in.

    With grand plans of bringing the Shed movement to the Nordic countries, it has been made clear that the first step is to prove to government funders that the concept works in the Nordic context. This Shed in Malmö, we hope, will do the trick. We already have a core group of guys (Aussies, Irish, and Turks) who built a boat together and who want to keep this team together. The local Aussie Rules and GAA clubs are also showing strong support. And the early signs are that the Swedes love the idea. So now we’re trying to get together one year’s rent by using the crowd funding platform Kickstarter. The idea is that people who like the concept pledge money to it in return for rewards. If we reach our funding target, those pledges are made good. If not, the pledges are all cancelled.

    If you want to find out more about our Shed, crowd funding, or to combine the two and support our shed campaign, it can be found here: