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  • Now online! Shed Layout and Fit-out Masterclass with Ronan O’Sullivan

    We had a great shedcast on Wednesday 10 March with woodworker, artist and teacher Ronan O’Sullivan.

    Ronan is a Kerryman married to a Dublin woman and living in Cork. He is currently in the process of completing his own fully insulated 48m² metal shed. Having already completed the groundwork, built the formwork and poured the concrete, he is currently fitting out the shed to be an efficient, multipurpose workshop that is easily maintained and, of course, looks cool. When the workshop is finally kitted out and documented, he plans to make all manner of things ranging from furniture to lights to artwork and everything in between and he will document each and every one of them.

    Ronan gave a detailed, informative and very entertaining talk about the process of building and fitting out his shed, taking questions from Shedders as he gave us a tour. Ronan has documented every stage of the fit-out of the workshop and has started uploading weekly videos on YouTube that you can watch here.