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  • Raise funds for your Men’s Shed and Create Jobs for People with Disabilities

    Men’s sheds & Vendability

    The Irish Men’s Sheds Association have teamed up with fellow Arthur Guinness Fund Award winners, Hand on Heart Enterprises, in a collaboration that will raise funds for Men’s Sheds and will also help create jobs for people with disabilities.

    The idea is simple; when a Men’s Shed finds a site for a vending machine, that the team at Hand on Heart Enterprises then manage, a percentage of the profit goes to the Men’s Shed.

    According to their CEO Jamie Regan “Hand on Heart is all about creating jobs for people with disabilities. Using a new ‘Social Enterprise’ model, we are developing self sustaining enterprises that create jobs for people with various disabilities in truly inclusive work settings. We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with the Irish Men’s Sheds Association. Both our organisations can benefit from the initiative.”

    Download the Men’s Sheds / Vendability Project flyer here.

    Jamie is happy to speak to any of the Men’s Sheds who are interested in fining out more about the collaboration and can be contacted at +353 (0)87 9700313 or jregan@handonheart.ie

    We suggest that you take a moment to view a short video outlining Hand on Hearts’ work.