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  • My Mind Centre for Wellbeing

    Below is an article from the representatives of MyMind which they have asked us to put on our website to make the information more widely available.

    MyMind Centre for Mental Wellbeing: transforming the way men in Ireland access mental health services

    If you are in Ireland and suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, addiction, relationship issues, workplace problems or any other issues that affect your mental health, you can find yourself waiting a long time to see a mental health professional. There can be long public sector waiting lists and high costs for private services. However MyMind, a community based mental health service, provides a unique model that is rapidly developing to fill this gap and make vital supports accessible and affordable to more and more people. A not-for-profit, multi-award winning social enterprise, MyMind offers accessible and affordable counselling and psychotherapy, in many different languages, with a team of over 100 mental health professionals.

    In recent years MyMind has seen an increase in the number of men of all ages attending the service. We seeks to challenge the stigma and preconceptions that continue to discourage men from seeking mental health support by providing services based in the community and facilitating early intervention for mental health issues. Currently, 40% of service users are men and MyMind hopes to see a greater balance as a result of advocacy groups and organisations like Men’s Sheds which encourage men to speak their minds.

    Building on the success of three existing centres located in Dublin and Cork which offer a variety of mental health supports, MyMind recently opened a new centre in Limerick city and plans to bring its services to Galway in the near future. Information and support can also be accessed online through e-MyMind.

    MyMind believes early intervention is the most effective way to treat mental health problems, as and when they arise, and helps to build people’s resilience, avoiding more serious problems developing in the long term. MyMind offers appointments with a mental health professional within 72 hours. As well as face-to-face services, MyMind offers online support via the My Mind Online platform, and has a new MyMind at Work programme offering information and skills workshops to workplaces in order to enhance staff resilience and wellbeing. Operating as a social enterprise, any profits generated go back into making services accessible to more people.

    If you would like more information or to book an appointment, go to www.mymind.org or call 0766 80 10 60

    Face-to-face services; e-MyMind online services; MyMind@Work workshops

    • Direct access: no referral required; people can contact us directly
    • Fast access: first appointments usually offered within 72 hours
    • Affordable services:€50 standard fee; €30 part time employed; €20 students / unemployed

    MyMind’s awards and public recognition:

    •     Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Award 2009
    •     David Manley Award –Social Entrepreneur Category- 2009
    •     Cathal Ryan Scholarship in 2010
    •     Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Elevator Award 2011
    •     Ireland Ashoka Fellow in 2011
    •     Arthur Guinness Foundation Award 2012
    •     Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Impact Award 2013