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  • Mindfulness Classes To Continue Due To Popular Demand

    With the sheds closed and movements restricted, shedders looking for inner peace in these uncertain times are turning to alternative methods. Every Tuesday in November and December, the IMSA’s Health and Wellbeing Manager Mary Lovegrove ran online Mindfulness classes for shedders.  The classes have been a runaway success – so much so that we are extending them to run into February.

    What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is about living in the present moment. Most of the time our minds are lost in thought. We are either thinking about the past or worrying about the future. This can cause us to be more stressed than we need to be. Mindfulness helps us learn how to live more in the now and be more at ease with how things are as opposed to how we think they should be. 

    There are several reasons to try mindfulness. Says Mary, a trained Mindfulness CoachA phrase we like to use is mindfulness is that ‘you can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf’. So, whilst there is so much uncertainty around Covid, mindfulness can help you find ways to deal with any stress or worry you may be experiencing. The classes will also give attendees a chance to meet other shedders and share tips with each other.” 

    This is certainly true as there are currently have 85 men signed up to the programme with an attendance of around 65 every week. The sessions are also open to family members and a few wives attend every week – one or two grandchildren have popped in too! 

    One attendee describes the classes as “a real game-changer and has great potential for providing inner peace.” Another told us that “whatever else I do for the rest of the day will be no more important than that time spent. Being online hasn’t diminished the effectiveness of the sessions: says one shedder: “I’m a big fan of meditation but the group sessions even on Zoom are really beneficial in these crazy times. You don’t have to commit for all the classes, join for one or join for all – it’s entirely up to you. 

    If you‘re interested in participating just email wellbeing@menssheds.ie – and do include your phone number if you would like to join the class What’s App group for reminders