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  • Men’s Shed Challenge

    An invitation to all Men’s Sheds.

    You are invited to design and build a vehicle that will enable a person with an intellectual disability to take part in a parade and race at Dunshaughlin Harvest Festival on Saturday, 28th September 2013.

    The design which may look like a soapbox will include some additional practical and safety features such as -the vehicle should be large and strong   enough to carry a person of 50/60 kg unless you are building for a specific person in your locality.

    Steering: The handbrake and steering should be operated from the outside at the rear of the vehicle.  Further details and help with the design available from Tom Toner. 46 College  Park , Dunshaughlin, Co Meath.

    Email:  tm.toner@gmail.com          Phone  085 8170074 / 01 8259981

    Source of power: The vehicle will be propelled by two assistants pushing at the rear who will steer and operate the handbrake.

    Additional notes: Shed name must be displayed on the vehicle.  The vehicle should have a bell or horn within reach of the driver.  Helmet to be worn by driver. If you are not building your vehicle/disability car for a person in your area we will be glad to offer the opportunity to other participants on the day of the race to drive your car.  Please communicate with the undersigned before the end of August.

    Tom Toner, Race Organizer

    Taking part in the fun: Plans are underway to include a special event in this years Dunshaughlin Harvest Festival to be held from September 26th to 29th.  A boxcar race for people with intellectual disabilities will be part of the planned programme.  The cars which will run on man power (or woman power) are being constructed by Men’s Sheds groups around the country.  The Shedders will be eligible for a prize for the best turned out car on the day of the race.  Shedders can obtain an entry form or get help with the design by contacting Tom Toner via the contact detail above.