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  • Louth Men’s Shed … coming to a location near you

    Two Men's Shed Participants with Eva Beirne.

    The Louth Men’s Sheds project was started by the Netwell Centre and the Louth County Council.   The project is very simple and has one criteria, men.  The ‘shed’ environment encourages men to share skills and learn new ones for example, skills in wood turning, mechanical work and horticulture, to name but a few. Socialising is a large part of the project too, providing opportunities for the development of new friendships as well as the renewal of old ones.

    Eva Beirne, the project coordinator said, “the primary focus of the project is on older men but younger men will play an important role too.  Younger men can support the development of projects in the sheds and they can learn and share in the wisdom and experience of older men.   There is very strong evidence pointing to the vulnerability of  older men to isolation and loneliness as they age and experience difficulties adjusting to changes in role identity associated with retirement (farmers retiring, in particular may find this transition difficult), as well as to changes in social networks, especially widowhood.  We also know that increasing people’s social interaction can have a positive impact on well-being and mental health.  We will be opening three Men’s Sheds is County Louth over the coming year.  These will provide opportunities for men to get involved in a range of activities which will increase their participation in the live of their community.  Ultimately this can only be a positive thing not just for improving the quality of life of older men in County Louth but also for our society and the social connectedness of our community.”

    The project is funded by the International Fund for Ireland (IFI)