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  • Irish Men’s Sheds Association announces major new three-year partnership

    The Irish Men’s Sheds Association is delighted to announce a new three-year partnership with Blackberry Hearing. The partnership sees Blackberry Hearing become the Irish Men’s Sheds Association’s hearing aid provider of choice.

    Speaking at the announcement at Naas Community Men’s Shed, Co. Kildare, Irish Men’s Sheds Association CEO Barry Sheridan was hugely enthusiastic about the link-up:

    “Men’s sheds are all about reducing social isolation and empowering communities and individual members. Blackberry Hearing’s ethos and values are exactly the same as ours. We know that hearing loss can hold men back from engaging socially, because there’s still a certain stigma and embarrassment around hearing loss.

    “Having had detailed discussions with Blackberry Hearing, we know that they share our mission of breaking down those boundaries and encouraging men back into the community. Sheds are all about listening and being heard, so in that respect, Blackberry Hearing are a natural partner for us. We look forward to seeing where the partnership goes over this three-year period.”

    Speaking about this new association, Matthew Gleeson, General Manager, Blackberry Hearing said:

    “We are delighted to be associated with Men’s Sheds.  Our ethos is to provide a quality and value service from an Irish company.  All too often, hearing loss, if it goes without being addressed, can lead to isolation and depression for people over 55.

    “Thanks to the new partnership, Blackberry Hearing will be able to offer discounted rates and packages on its market-leading hearing aids to men’s sheds members. Blackberry Hearing audiologists will also be available to visit sheds and inform and advise members around the crucial but sensitive issue of hearing loss.”

    Norman Farragher, a committee member at the Naas Community Men’s Shed, is confident that the partnership will have real, tangible benefits for sheds themselves:

    “After listening to the audiologist from Blackberry Hearing, a lot of fellas in the shed were comfortable making appointments.

    “The partnership will give our members more of a focus on addressing their hearing. It’s being brought to their attention and it’s taken the fear factor away from making that initial contact.”

    A recent study showed that one third of Irish people suffer from a significant deterioration in their hearing by the time the reach the age of 65. It also showed that Ireland topped the list for putting off treatment, despite the links between hearing loss and other conditions including blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and dementia.  Hearing loss is not just something that affects the elderly. More than 80,000 Irish people of working age are currently dealing with a significant level of hearing loss and by the time we reach 60, one in three of us will experience significant hearing loss.


    For more information, please contact;

    Andrew Rooney
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