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  • International Men’s Sheds Partnering

    Over the past few months a number of Australian Men’s Sheds have contacted the Irish Men’s Sheds Association in a search to find partner Sheds in Ireland and to support the development of Men’s Sheds at this side of the globe.

    Ireland - Australia Partnership

    This is a quote from an email from one of those Australian Sheds  “would like to find a shed in Ireland to become a brother shed with our shed in oz, exchange ideas ,culture ,health, still shoulder to shoulder, and of course projects and ways help the communities”

    So this is a call out to the Men’s Shed in Ireland to answer their call.  If your shed or your group who are planning to set up a shed in your community would like to become partners with a well established Australian Shed please contact us here at IMSA at info@menssheds.ie and we will put you in contact with a partner shed.

    These partnerships could be especially useful for Men’s Sheds that are in the early stages of development and could benefit form the experience of those who have successfully set up their Shed. You might even end up doing an exchange one day!