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  • Happy International Men’s Day from the IMSA 🥳🥳

    Tomorrow (19th November 2021) marks a hugely important day not only for the Irish Men’s Sheds Association, but also for every single citizen of Ireland. While the focus of ‘International Men’s Day’ will of course be on the male population, tomorrow also offers a great opportunity for women and children alike to join in the celebrations. Celebrate the son, father, grandad, brother, husband or friend in your life. Hug them that bit tighter. Stay on the phone those few seconds longer. Maybe even give them an extra hour or two in charge of the TV remote!! Whatever you choose to do for the men in your life, just be sure to let them know how much you appreciate them.

    In that same vein, our Association would like to take this opportunity to express how greatly we appreciate the thousands of men who keep our sheds running across the country. Every single shed member is invaluable not only to our organisation, but also to their fellow shedders, and to the individual communities they’re based in. From building benches for their local schools, to creating community gardens or even organising food and medicine deliveries to the most vulnerable members of society during lockdown, shedders in every corner of Ireland have continued bettering the world around them despite the challenging times this pandemic has presented. It’s only right that we should take some time tomorrow to step back and acknowledge all that they have done, and to give them the praise they are due for all their great, selfless work.

    Sadly, our current circumstances mean that not every man may feel adequately recognised or appreciated on a daily basis. Many of them, in fact, may even feel left behind or forgotten. Research we carried out in 2020 found that 39% of men who had previously attended a shed were experiencing feelings of isolation during lockdown and shed closures.

    “Now that the sheds are reopened and making a slow but steady return to normality, it’s something that any man out there should look into getting involved in” says Enda Egan, CEO of the Irish Men’s Sheds Association. “It’s a great way for lads of any age to meet like minded people and to be a part of projects that shape their local communities. As case numbers continue to rise, we also have a diverse range of online activities to help men feel connected even if they don’t feel comfortable attending a shed in-person. Either virtually or in the flesh, you’ll always be made feel welcome amongst our Shedders”.

    To find a shed near you, please check out the ‘Shed Finder’ on our website.