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  • Get a defibrillator in your Men’s Shed and maybe save a life!

    Mens Sheds & Fones4Life

    Would you like to set up a Defibrillator Programme in your community and learn how to save a life?

    If so, Fones4Life have put together a special package for Men’s Sheds.

    If your shed collects 420 old mobile phones they will exchange them for a brand new defibrillator with a heated outdoor storage cabinet or training for 6 members of your shed, all while helping the environment!

    Five thousand people die from Sudden Cardiac Arrest every year.  For every minute that Defibrillation is delayed, the victim’s chance of survival is reduced by up to 10%.  For this reason many people in Ireland are fund raising to install a defibrillator in their community, especially important in communities that would not receive an ambulance response within a few minutes. You can make this step much easier by collecting old mobile phones instead.

    For more information contact Fones4Life on 1850 432787 or email info@fones4life.ie