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  • Historian Donal Fallon Commemorates the Centenary of Bloody Sunday 1920

    On the centenary of Bloody Sunday 1920 we were delighted to welcome historian Donal Fallon on Wednesday 25 November to talk about the events of that day. Donal gave us a great insight into the chaos and mayhem that occurred and busted some of the myths that have sprung up around what happened, all interspersed with tales of some of the main characters.

    Donal Fallon has been a familiar face on the Irish history scene for a number of years, first coming to prominence through the wildly popular history blog ‘Come Here To Me’. As a historian and freelance writer, Donal has been published in a wide variety of outlets, including History Ireland, The Dubliner, the Sunday Independent, the Irish Independent, the Dublin Historical Record, thejournal.ie and elsewhere. He has also written a history of the Nelson Pillar (or Nelson’s Pillar as it’s more commonly known) and a biography of executed 1916 leader Major MacBride.

    Donal is currently hosting the podcast, Three Castles Burning, dedicated to the Irish capital, particularly some of its more forgotten stories. He is committed to raising awareness of the social history of Dublin, history that focuses on the lives of ordinary people.