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  • Covid-19: Reiterated guidance for sheds

    Dear shedders,

    The Irish Men’s Sheds Association was recently contacted by a shed in severe distress, who were hoping their predicament may serve as a warning to others.


    This particular shed has followed every possible precaution throughout this pandemic and all its members were fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Like all of us, they have made great sacrifices over the past year and a half to protect themselves and those around them from the virus, and had only recently reopened their shed.


    However, despite all these efforts to safeguard themselves, the deadly virus has somehow made its way into their shed. A large proportion of their membership are now infected, with many of them in a serious condition. Some are even hospitalised.


    While in isolation and slowly recovering, one of the infected shed members contacted the IMSA and asked us to help spread his message; stay vigilant.


    This virus can spread like wildfire, and seizes any opportunity to creep into sheds, homes, or workplaces. Even if you are fully vaccinated, please don’t let your guard down.


    It is essential now that we keep up – and reinforce – the health measures that have always been recommended during this pandemic, such as regular hand washing and sanitisation, social distancing and mask wearing.


    To that end, we’d ask all shedders to rewatch this video we recently made that contains all necessary guidance on keeping your shed safe from Covid-19;


    You can also recap on the IMSA’s previous Covid guidelines, and find our templates for cleaning checklists and rotas, here.


    Our thoughts and prayers are with the shed who contacted us as they deal with this terrible virus. We wish them a most speedy recovery, and are in touch with them offering any support we can.


    Any shed that fears they are dealing with a similar Covid outbreak should follow the protocol given here. The IMSA is also always here to assist you in such an event- please contact us on 01 891 6150 or email us for specific COVID-19 support on covidsupport@menssheds.ie.


    Please stay safe, and keep the faith.


    Best wishes,

    The IMSA team