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  • A big thanks from Trim Men’s Shed

    Hello to all members of Men’s Sheds in Ireland from the beautiful town of Trim, Co. Meath.

    Our Chairman, John Loud, his committee, and the entire membership of Trim Men’s Shed wish to thank the Irish Men’s Shed Association for affording us the facility of their media platforms to write to every one of you with this note of our sincere thanks and appreciation to all the sheds in Ireland and particularly to those sheds that responded to Trim Men’s Shed’s recent appeal for help with our fundraising efforts by buying tickets or making donations for/to our raffle associated with our golf classic on the 28th. July 2023.

    We are raising funds for new shed premises and we need a good-sized deposit in order to begin negotiations with the large funding providers. We will need to keep up this level of fundraising for some years to come and in the meantime we will need to carry on with the annual golf classics, raffles etc. for some years also.

    Our golf classic this year was a phenomenal success, due in no small part to the wonderful willingness of all sheds contacted by us to help us out by buying some tickets or making a donation.

    Many of the prizes in the raffle were won by sheds from as far afield as West Cork and North Donegal and we have now almost completed getting their prizes out to the winning sheds, we only have 3 car-boot-tidy devices to send out, as far as we can see at the moment anyway.

    This exercise has proved to us that the Men’s Shed movement and ethos is very much alive and well in Ireland and the response to our appeal demonstrates that the philosophy of men helping men and sheds helping sheds is very much the driving force behind the movement in Ireland.

    Once again, a great big THANK YOU to all you sheds who helped us out.

    We are, of course, always ready to reciprocate the very generous support we received to any other sheds in the future.

    We show here some pics of the raffle draw and the golf classic which the raffle supported.

    From a very grateful Trim Men’s Shed,

    Thank you most sincerely for your generosity.