• Charity No. 20078591 Phone No. +353 1 891 6150

  • Save Our Sheds

    By donating today, you can help support the sheds affected by Covid-19.

    Together, we can rebuild hope.

    COVID-19 has temporarily closed over 450 sheds throughout Ireland, places where men can connect with one another. With many members cocooning or self-isolating, shedders are unable to raise vital funds to keep their shed going, placing the future of men’s sheds at risk.

    But you can help.

    You can be there for the men’s sheds, like they’ve been there for countless communities across Ireland.

    By donating today, you can help rebuild the men’s sheds and allow shedders to continue to have a place to share with one another once this crisis is over.

    Thank you for your support, now and always.

    The Irish Men’s Sheds Association is a registered charity. Charity No. 20078591