• Charity No. 19928 Phone No. 0818 900 800

  • A ‘men’s shed’ is a community based project, where men can come together to learn, share skills and make long-lasting friendships together.

    The men’s shed movement was first founded in Australia in the 1980’s, and have since expanded to other countries including Ireland, the UK, America, Canada, Iceland and Estonia to name a few.

    Ireland has becoming one of the leading nations for men’s sheds in recent years, with Ireland having the most sheds per capita. Currently, there are over 450 sheds in Ireland, with at least 10,000 men visiting a shed every week.

    All sheds are independent and self-autonomous, and the range of activities carried out by sheds differ from the next. Most sheds engage in activities such as woodwork, gardening, carpentry and community work. However, there are more special interests sheds that focus on things like music, fishing and restoration work.

    Why join a men’s sheds?

    There are many reasons to join a men’s sheds. If you are someone who, after retiring, still has a lot to offer, you might want to share your skills with other men. Or if you have found yourself in need of a friend, there are countless reasons for joining a shed, but whatever your reason is, you can bet there’s a shed close by.

    Men’s sheds are more than just woodwork or gardening, they are places where men can find meaning and purpose, where a friend is always there. In a men’s shed we always say the greatest tool we have is the kettle, because there’s nothing more powerful than a cup of tea and a chat.

    If you’d like to join a men’s shed, please click here. The kettle is always on.