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  • Enter the competition to design the IMSA Logo

    Would you like to have the logo that you design become the official logo for the Irish Men’s Sheds Association?

    If so, design the logo and have your Shed Rep bring it along to the reps meeting in Limerick on June 24th.  The successful entry will be selected by the reps at this meeting.

    Entries are welcome from all shedders and if your rep can not attend the Limerick meeting then you can post your entries to:  The Irish Men’s Sheds Logo Competition, 83 Dominics Place, Waterford or by email to info@menssheds.ie

    The successful logo will be used on all of our promotional material, such as flyers, our headed paper and website.

    Entries are welcome in both digital and hard format.  The deadline for receipt is 24th June 2011