‘Sheds for Life’ is an exciting new initiative from the Irish Men’s Sheds Association with the aim of supporting the physical and mental health and wellbeing of its members.

Men’s Health

In recent years there has been a growing focus on the issue of men’s health – both physical and mental – in Ireland. Men continue to be at greater risk of a range of diseases and conditions than women, and their life expectancy remains notably shorter – by as much as five years. The good news is that this life expectancy gap is narrowing as the state of men’s health in Ireland improves.

Men are beginning to embrace healthier lifestyles, eating better, exercising more, and cutting down on excessive smoking, alcohol consumption and other risky behaviours. With more men willing and encouraged to seek help with their mental health issues, suicide rates are beginning to fall.

However, there’s still a lot of work to be done in helping Irish men lead healthier, happier and longer lives. Men can never have enough encouragment, assistance and support in improving their lifestyles and reducing their risk of ill-health and early mortality.

Sheds For Life

Men’s sheds are already at the forefront of improving men’s health and wellbeing in Ireland. According to a major national survey, the vast majority of men who participate in a men’s shed feel a marked improvement in their own health and wellbeing.

To help build on these benefits, the Irish Men’s Sheds Association has put together a male-specific health and wellbeing initiative. Sheds For Life aims to support men who want to improve their physical and mental health within the comfortable, familiar environment of their own shed.

Sheds For Life will take a positive and holistic approach to men’s health, building on the gains already won by shedders through their own efforts and co-operation with one another. The initiative will give shedders the opportunity to inform and educate themselves on how to maintain and improve their own health, in partnership with their communities and the local and national organisations that can make a difference.

How Will Sheds For Life Benefit Your Shed?

Dedicated Male Health website: ‘Spanner in the Works’ – coming soon! spannerman

Health & Wellbeing National Events Calendar 2017

Men’s Health literature Packs. Available for collection via County Men’s Sheds Cluster Meetings.

Order your literature directly via www.healthpromotion.ie or www.healthbrochures.ie

Meet our partner organisations:

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Haven Pharmacy is a group of independent pharmacists who have come together to provide families and communities with invaluable health advice on their doorsteps.

Haven is the leading, fastest growing independent co-operative pharmacy group in Ireland with over 100 pharmacists, over 300 staff, practising in urban and rural areas – and dispensing more medicines than any other pharmacy group in Ireland.

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Irish Heart Foundation (IHF) – is Ireland’s national charity working to reduce premature death and disability from heart disease and stroke. The IHF supports, educates and trains people to save lives, campaigns for patients, promotes positive health, supports research and provides vital public information.

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Diabetes Ireland – is the national charity dedicated to helping people with diabetes. Providing support, education and motivation to everyone affected by diabetes.  Diabetes Ireland also raises public awareness of diabetes and its symptoms and funds research into finding a cure for diabetes.


Siel Bleu Ireland –  improves the quality of life of older adults, through fun and interactive, tailored exercise programmes. Siel Bleu Ireland deliver physical activity programmes to over 2500 people per week in 20 counties throughout Ireland.


Hidden Hearing -is Ireland’s leading provider of hearing healthcare with a national network of over seventy five branches and clinics.


Get Ireland Walking  is a Sport Ireland national initiative that aims to maximise the number of people participating in walking – for health, wellbeing and fitness – throughout Ireland. The Get Ireland Walking (GIW) initiative is led by Mountaineering Ireland and supported by Healthy Ireland and Sport Ireland. GIW works in collaboration with several health promoting agencies to promote walking throughout Ireland including the Irish Heart Foundation, HSE Health Promotion and Improvement, Age and Opportunity, Gaelic Athletic Association, Ireland Active, Arthritis Ireland and others

For further information on ‘Sheds for Life’ please contact:

Edel Byrne
Irish Men’s Sheds Association
Health & Wellbeing Coordinator
Phone: 01 8916150
Email: edel@menssheds.ie or wellbeing@menssheds.ie